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     We specialize in helping Urgent Care and Family Practice medical facilities realize their potential. If you are a single practitioner, or part of a group of providers, we work with you to build on your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses and make your practice as efficient as possible.
     The goal of every doctor I know is to deliver quality medical service. Increasingly todays physicians are finding themselves at a crossroads. They ask themselves:
     How do I know my staff is truly being efficient?
     How can I be sure my office is meeting all the different compliance required?
     How can I save my time so I can spend more time with my patients?
     We will help you answer these questions plus more. Our goal is to help you live a quality of life. Identify the daily details that need to be dealt with and institute a plan of action that realizes your goals and your dreams.
     In 1998 a practice invested in professional yellow page ads that
generated over 70 new patients per month.
     In 2008 those same ads were generating about 20 new patients per month.
     Urgent Care and Family Practices are looking for new ways to generate new patients.